Art Gallery

Jinji the Gengar is a passionate art-lover and an all-round creative type; as is his human handler. Because of this, he regularly requests or commissions various pieces of art from all around the globe, to use either as Forum Signatures, avatars, or as illustrations or animated movie versions of stories he has himself written. Jinji also has a number of fans in various circles, who often surprise him with their own fan art and creative works out of the blue.

This page serves as the official gallery for all the art depicting Jinji and/or his other character, or for which he has commissioned for personal use. Where possible, the artists have been named and credited below; and each artwork has been named and described by Jinji himself (this process is still in progress due to the gallery’s recent launch). To keep things organised, the gallery has been split into categories; so choose the category you would like to view below:

Because some of the artworks that appear in this gallery have been removed from their original location, details about the artwork, such as the artist’s name or the original title of the work, may have been lost. As a result, not all the works may have a descriptive caption; and those that do may be lacking in certain details. Jinji is always happy to fill in or correct details where satisfactory evidence is available for the omission or correction. Further information on how to do so will be posted here in the future.