Content Strategy

While this website represents the official home of Jinji the Gengar, the character of Jinji and the works of his artist are often spread over multiple sites; and some works are exclusive to, or available earlier to Patreon subscribers. The following represents the official content strategy for Jinji:

For Main Canon Storylines:

Patreon Subscribers will have exclusive access to the latest page until the next page is printed and published, with a minimum exclusivity period of two weeks. The content will then be published on this site first, followed by DeviantArt.

For Side Stories, or stories focusing on characters beside Jinji:

Multi-page stories will have their first page published to all sites immediately, with each subsequent page released over a two-week period, with Patreons getting early access to the next page.
Single-page stories will be released to this site first, followed by DeviantArt and Patreon within a day.

For character descriptions:

The character descriptions will be posted here first, then to DeviantArt within the following day. Patreon is optional.

For Forum Signatures, Avatars and Personal Art:

These will be exclusive to their respective galleries on this site.

For Reference Artworks and Comics:

Artworks which originate from sources outside of this website will be uploaded to this site as soon as this is feasible, subject to copyright. In all other cases, the artwork will be hosted here first, followed by on DeviantArt if this is appropriate. Comic strips may be posted to Patreon in some cases, artist permitting – in such cases, they will be treated as a story rather than artwork, and the appropriate section will apply instead.

For stories, poetry, song lyrics and other materials not related to Jinji the Gengar or his universe:

These will be hosted solely on DeviantArt and/or Patreon, and will not be part of the Jinji the Gengar site.

The above strategy is based on the sites mentioned remaining open to the content in question and continuing to provide a stable and friendly experience to both viewers and to the Administrator. Elements of this strategy may change in response to changes to any external sites or their operations. The artist also reserves the right to change elements of this strategy and remove artwork from external services without notice.