Recurring Guests

With the many adventures Jinji and his fellow Ghosts have had over the years, it’s inevitable that over time, the crew have ended up meeting all sorts of characters outside their own circle. This page is dedicated to listing the outsider characters who have earned the title of “recurring guest”, either through having numerous appearances in several stories, or through regular interactions with Jinji and/or his fellow spirits. Where characters come from artists other than Jinji, I have endeavoured to link to the artist’s profile and provide a biography that is accurate to the character’s self-description.

This list is under constant construction and may not be fully exhaustive. Characters are in no particular order.

Kitty The Gengar Queen

Artist: KittyTheGengarQueen

The Gengar persona of the DeviantArtist of the same name, Kitty is Jinji’s Best Friend Forever, the two having voice conversations online on an almost daily basis. Unusually for a Gengar, she is not actually a Ghost, having a physical body with mammalian skin and organs. Her sassy, badass, adult-minded nature belies a sweet, innocent and family-orientated heart; and Jinji and Kitty regularly joke about and even roast one another with silly jabs at one another in a playful and non-serious manner. After all, “you only roast the ones you love”!

Ghost and Ectoplasma

Artist: Kumada Panda

A duo of fun-loving Gengar who originate from another part of the Ghostly Realm but who have become regular visitors to both Jinji and Kitty. Ectoplasma – or Plasma for short – is a lighter-coloured Gengar who, alongside a Wobbuffet and the white ghost from Yo-Kai Watch who goes by “Wisp”, all star in his subscriber-only comics “Team Plasma”.

Ghost, meanwhile, is a slightly darker-coloured Gengar who often acts alone, but is just as much a fun-loving and mischievous personality as Jinji – and just as powerful, to boot! Whenever one or both of them get together with Jinji and/or Kitty, you can bet a fun and possibly prank-laden time is about to ensue!

Mallow the Garbodor

Artist wishes to remain anonymous

Originating from a dumping ground many miles north of Unova, which was closed down after toxic waste was discovered to have been dumped there, the exact circumstances and timeline of how this Garbodor came into existence is unknown, though the toxic barrel in his side may well be a clue as much as it is a warning. An outcast for most of his life, Mallow constantly emits an extremely foul and toxic stench, far worse than most others of his kind. So proud is he of his stench, he will often seek out ways to make himself even more filthy and unsanitary! Despite his toxicity and grossness, however, Mallow is really a kind, caring soul who wants to be everyone’s friend. His charming personality has caused him to be a popular part of Pokémon World Online just like Jinji; while his extreme toxicity means he is also treated like a God by the many Poison Pokémon who also reside in the Unova Dump. Mallow is also affectionate and a real hugger – which often causes Jinji to get into some pretty dirty situations whenever the two happen to meet!


Artist: Shahbaz Akihiko / “Zain”

A Pokémon Representation of a former PWO Player and one of Jinji’s longest real-life friends. In his PWO days, Zain was the leader of a number of popular PWO Guilds such as Team Aqua, Team Taka and many of their successors. He is also a mutual friend of Mallow, above; and even once named him a successor to one of his Guilds, though the Guild later disbanded.

Originally, Zain was a Mega Charizard X, a form which he has recently chosen to return to. However, for a few years until 2023, he took the form of a Dragonite, as pictured to the left. During his time in this form, Mallow and Zain schemed together to prank their mutual friend Jinji with a stinky machine, leading to their 2022 Birthday Prank, “Mallow’s Barfday Blast“. Jinji has long forgiven them both, however 🙂