Category: Main Canon

The “Main Canon” is the working title for what is intended to become the major plotline in Jinji’s fictional universe. Unlike most other works, this storyline has a more serious undertone, involving the entire cast of Jinji’s universe in a number of potentially hairy situations where wisdom, guile and possibly even battle skills will be necessary. As this canon is very much a work-in-progress, some of the materials shown below may be more expository in nature or be more outline plans than actual stories – expect content in this section to change as the canon becomes more solidified.

Jinji’s Fossilween Tale

In 2016, the fan-made MMO Pokémon World Online hosted its most famous Halloween event, Fossilween, where players were taken through time in a Pokémon-themed take of the history of Earth, solving problems along the way in a bid to stop a mysterious Pokémon destabilising the passage of time itself. Interestingly, Jinji the Gengar made a […]

Ghostly Grudges: An Explanation of the Relationship between Psychic and Ghost types

The Gengar put down the large tome he had been reading, and picked up the photograph wedged between the two open faces. As he bought it to his eyes, the image of a young Espurr smiled back at him, its expression one of joy. For a moment, he also smiles; but his expression soon turns […]

The Storm From Nowhere

The sky is a deepest, darkest black, lit only by the light of the far away moon. All around, as far as the eye can see, dense forest surrounds, through which no person could see anything but the leaves behind. A cold chill permeates the air, and for some unknown reason, the whole location gives […]