A Concise Overview of Jinji’s Mansion

Known as home to Jinji and his many Ghostly companions, but a complete mystery to most mortal beings, there is a sizeable mansion that is the focal point of Jinji’s own corner of the Spirit Realm. From its outward appearance, the mansion is a building from a bygone age, which is a little run down – cracked windows, holes in the roof, rotten and damaged wood all around the building…

For the most part, however, the external appearance of the mansion betrays the contents lying within. The sense of disrepair to the building is actually deliberately engineered by Jinji to give the mansion a sense of eeriness; and although many of the cracks and creaks are real, the mansion is overall structurally sound and well-equipped for a good standard of living. Jinji sometimes uses the mansion’s dilapidated appearance to his advantage, using weak floorboards for pit traps and hiding creepy crawlies and other nasty surprises in damaged walls; but he also takes a lot of pride in his home and regularly makes important repairs to ensure it remains safe and secure for him and the many spooky occupants.

Though the front façade may seem rather snug, the actual mansion is large, spreading over hundreds of acres; and many of the rooms take advantage of the grand scale, the main entrance and dining areas being particularly opulent. Beyond these rooms, the true nature of Jinji’s mansion becomes more apparent, as the simplistic flow gives way to a maze of long, winding corridors deliberately designed to confuse lesser minds.

Deception is a very key word when it comes to the mansion. In addition to the seemingly nonsensical layout, many of the deeper hallways feature illusions, created by both Jinji and the other Ghostly residents, to unnerve outsiders. The Ghosts themselves, by virtue of their powers, are able to see through the illusions; and their ethereal nature means they can pass through walls and shortcut into rooms, allowing them to surpass much of the confusion. To those lacking such powers however, the mind-bending layout can lead to feelings of hopelessness and loss of direction, as they get stuck in seemingly unending corridors. The senseless wandering of an intruder lost within the mansion provides a defensive measure to the Ghosts, affording them ample time to plan a countermeasure; as well as various hiding places from which to hunt down and subdue an enemy.

At the very top of the mansion, reachable via a staircase, there is a single, straight hallway that quickly plunges into complete darkness. A hidden force within the darkness pushes back on intruders, leading them to believe they are walking through a seemingly endless hallway – only to find that, once they turn back, the way out is right behind them and they’ve not moved at all. The hallway is actually shorter than it appears; and if one can pass the illusion, they will come to a large window with doors to either side. Jinji’s room lies behind the left door – a sizeable study, where the master Gengar can often be found reading to himself; concocting various spells, potions, tricks and pranks; or planning out the night’s hauntings with the other Ghosts.