Stories and Comics

The Jinji the Gengar universe, or as fans often call it, “the Jinjiverse”, is made up of a large number of comics, stories and other artworks that together form the characters and the lore of this family of Ghost Pokémon and their friends. These stories and comics are split into three distinct canons, each with a different theme:

The Main Canon

(Working title)

A continuing saga of stories with a serious undertone, in which Jinji and his Ghostly Brethren act as protectors of their domain.

Jokes and Japes of Fun-Loving Phantoms

Collections of light-hearted and humorous stories and comics depicting the mischievous antics of Jinji, his Ghostly family and their friends.

The Alternate Universe

Spin-offs, crossovers, and one-off tales and comics from another reality. May include guest appearances and settings from other franchises, “what if?” tales exploring alternate story paths from the above two canons, or just be generally random.