Character Profiles

Jinji doesn’t live alone in his mansion – the Spirit Realm is full of a diverse range of Ghost Pokémon that together make one big, happy family. Jinji also regularly journeys to the Mortal Realm, where he has regular encounters with human characters and Pokémon of various types.

Below, you can read quick profiles of cast members who have made official appearances so far in Jinji’s main canon and side stories. As more characters are introduced, this page will be gradually updated. Click on a character’s name to read a fuller description of the character.

Main Cast

Jinji the Gengar
The mischievous, fun-loving head of the family, owner of the Haunted Mansion and controller of his domain in the Spirit Realm.

Gaspar the Gastly
The resurrected spirit of a former explorer, still learning the ways of being a Ghost Pokémon.

Phantisserie the Haunter
The head baker of the mansion, with a talent for realistic cake recreations and out-of-this-world sweet treats!

Alessandro the Rotom
A young, energetic Rotom who tries to be helpful but often damages things with his boundless enthusiasm and electricity.

Enigma the Spiritomb
The entombed spirit of a former riddle-master and locksmith. A naughty but fun-loving spirit with a penchant for puzzles.