Character Profile: Alessandro

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A young Rotom with an energetic, carefree attitude and endless natural curiosity. Alessandro provides the mansion with a source of electricity for the precious few electronics that exist through the mansion. He tries to be a good soul and help out the other Ghosts as much as he can. However, his excitability frequently gets the better of him, and he regularly ends up overloading appliances and breaking things due to his boundless energy. This often annoys Phantisserie, who subsequently finds herself having to work around broken ovens and chillers when creating her new bakes; but luckily, there is plenty of magic available to Jinji and the other Ghosts to undo the damage!


Perhaps befitting his electrified, energetic nature, Alessandro’s attitude to life is that every moment should be fun-filled and joyful. As a result, he tends to act impulsively, which is typically the main cause of him causing trouble. Very little stops this youthful spirit, and he seems completely fearless; however, he hates being scorned. If any of the Ghosts, especially Jinji, give him a real telling off, he will usually slink away and become depressed – though this never tends to last long, as his energy always quickly returns!

First Appearance

The Afterlife of the Party