The Afterlife of the Party

The kitchen, old fashioned and abandoned, is now suddenly a hubbub of activity. As the haunted mansion began to have an energetic and excited atmosphere, the various tables and shelves within the kitchen slowly found themselves host to a number of baked delights. The coldness of the room has been replaced by the warm, cosy feeling one always gets when the smell of a cake being freshly baked in the oven overtakes them. Invisible to any naked eye, a female Haunter watches over the oven, her jagged smile somehow managing to look gleeful as the cake begins to rise to perfection.

The sound of an explosion breaks the Haunter’s gaze; and she turns around to the sight of a smoking fridge, its electronics fried by a sudden and powerful surge. In front of the now broken fridge, a Rotom floats about, with a guilty expression on its face.

“Alexandro! Pas bonne, I have told you before to stop being so careless!”

The Haunter floats over to the fridge to inspect the damage. Remarkably, despite the complete destruction of its internal components, the fridge itself remained intact. As she looks over the various pots of cream, tubs of butter and all the other fresh goods that go into her creations – all of which have been very precicely temperature-controlled for maximum flavour and freshness – she smiles, pleased to see that they all remain intact.

Seeing the Haunter overseeing her baking so diligently, Alessandro the Rotom’s natural curiosity is piqued. “What you making, Phantisserie?”, he asks.

“The centrepiece of the party”, she responds. Then, with an added sweetness in her tone to hide her annoyance, “Perhaps you would like to help the other ghosts with the decoration?”
“Yay! Party!”, Alessandro excitedly shouts as he floats out of the room. The moment he’s no longer in earshot, Phantisserie lets out a sigh of relief.

Down the hallway from the kitchen, the mansion opens up into a large communal hall. Here is where a dozen other Ghost Pokémon are hard at work placing decorations and preparing games for the party that’s about to get underway. Many of the decorations depict Gaspar, one of the mansion’s many Gastly; as it is he that today’s celebration is focused on; with the party commemorating the day of the avalanche in the frozen mountain which eventually lead to the loss of his life as a human explorer. Morbid though it may seem, the Ghosts see the day of one’s passing as less of a loss of a life, and more the beginning of a brand new chapter – a new kind of existence which will last forever – and so the anniversary of this day is something to be celebrated, just as a birthday is for humans.

As the Ghosts complete the final decorative touches, Gaspar floats down from the top of the stairs. Having spent the majority of his time in his room dealing with his own personal matters while being occasionally distracted by the few Ghosts not assisting with the party, Gaspar had remained mostly unaware of the events taking place on the floor below; and he squeals with delight when he sees all the games, treats and decorations that have been set up especially for him today, his gaseous body growing stronger with excitement.

Just then, the dinner bell rings. The door to the kitchen opens wide as Phantisserie floats out, holding in front of her Gaspar’s cake, the crown of the party. The Ghosts all gasp in awe as they spot her creation – a floating, lifesize, cake recreation of Gaspar, floating atop a large stack of presents made from marzipan-wrapped cake blocks and fondant icing, with candy ribbons. Phantisserie used her magical Haunter abilities to make Gaspar float freely in the air above the cake without any support; while a combination of dry ice and blackcurrant cordial allows it to emit the classic Gastly purple smoke. The presents underneath add substance to the style, ensuring there is more than enough cake to go around due to Gaspar’s smaller body relative to other Ghost species.

The Ghosts clap enthusiastically at Phantisserie’s achievements, while Alexandro the Rotom floats into and powers an old gramophone, which proceeds to play a selection of party-appropriate music. The Ghosts all begin to spread out, dance and play, and the mansion is filled with the laughter of playful spirits enjoying a whole night of cheerful sugar-fuelled fun.