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The shadows beckon you...

Described by his friends as "the embodiment of goo and shadows", Jinji the Gengar is a mischievous, fun-loving spook who never takes anything too seriously, except when it comes to battle! Originally the persona of one of Pokémon World Online's most famous Admins, Jinji has since taken on a life of his own as the Gengar master of an ever-growing band of Ghosts who treat each other as family; and who enjoy playing pranks, having fun and fooling about both with their hauntings and with each other. They follow Jinji's mantra of Lawful Neutrality and try to act spooky and scary but never actually harm anyone, unless they are a direct threat to themselves or other innocent life.

This site serves as the new online home for Jinji the Gengar; where he and his human handler (not Trainer – Jinji will never be tamed!) will host all the artwork designed for or with him over the years; publish new stories; and expand on the comic universe of Jinji and his many friends – both Ghost and non-Ghost – with new character descriptions, explanations of his canon, and an in-depth look into the many concepts and headcanons that make up the Realm of the Ghosts.

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Upcoming Downtime

My server host has informed me of an upcoming move to a new datacentre, commencing 28th September. During this time, the server will be taken offline for a few hours to allow it to be safely moved. This may result in some short downtime for the Jinji the Gengar site and several other websites. So please don’t be shocked if it disappears for a few hours around the 28th September, but don’t worry – it’ll be back very soon!

Site update: You know our names, now see our faces!

This is an update I meant to do some weeks ago, but I became unexpectedly busy and then forgot 😊 The Character Profiles section has been updated and now features artwork of all the main cast members of the Jinji family! Thanks to my good friend Kumada Panda, you can now visit the profiles of Alessandro, Gaspar, Phantisserie and Enigma and be treated to a brand-new portrait of each. Some of these are not yet finalized, as there are some characters whose final design I have yet to determine […]

Site Update: Let’s Meet the other Friends of Jinji!

With the many adventures Jinji and his fellow Ghosts have had over the years, there are many characters outside of Jinji’s own home who have ended up featuring as part of his many tales and antics. After much consideration, I’ve decided to give these recurring characters due credit and attention here on the Jinji the Gengar website, through a new page I’m calling “Recurring Guests“.

Character Profile: Enigma

According to himself, Enigma is the spirit of a human puzzle-master and locksmith who lived in ancient times. Because of his skill in designing complex mechanisms, he was employed by many to create all sorts of complicated locks, secret hideaways and puzzle boxes, with the aim of helping people to keep valuables safe and away […]

The Unexpected Enigma

The odd keystone lands with a thud on the floor of Jinji's room. Suddenly, a Spiritomb pops out. "What is this place? There's so much ghostly energy! I feel so energised!" "That naive little ghost, throwing me aside in pursuit of fun! Well, I think it's time I had some fun as well!" (Title logo)

Roughly 2.5 years since the first entry in Jinji’s official storyline, A Concise Overview of Jinji’s Mansion, comes the next entry (and the first comic strip!) of Jinji’s as-yet-untitled Main Canon. While out in Eterna Forest for another night of hauntings and fun, Jinji discovers an odd stone radiating a strange power. Little does he know, he’s about to find himself challenged by one very tricky spirit…

The Oozy Occasion!

Another fun crossover comic storyboarded by Jinji and drawn by Kumada Panda to celebrate Portal Day 2023, also known as Jinji’s author’s real-life 2023 Birthday. Featuring appearances by all of Jinji, Panda and Kitty The Gengar Queen‘s Ghost Pokémon original characters, and a cameo from Meuka as their advisor.

Mallow’s Barfday Blast!

A brand new story created as part of a role-play between Jinji, Mallow the Garbodor, and Zain, a former PWO player and long-time friend of Jinji’s who formerly role-played as a Dragonite. Originally written as a short-story, the original text of which can be found on the final page, an idea by Kumada Panda led […]

I challenged Ironicatty to draw Jinji in a Ninja Style…

So a good friend of mine from DeviantArt, Ironicatty, told me recently how she’s noticed that everything she draws for herself tends to skew towards a goth or punk style; and she’d like to draw something with a totally different vibe. Well, I’m always one for giving people new ideas; and if you’ve ever read the Origin of Jinji’s Name, you’ll know that one of his original inspirations was the Ninja. So I thought, why not ask her to draw Jinji in the style of a Ninja?

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