Character Profile: Enigma

A portrait of Enigma, by Kumada Panda. Appearance not yet final.

According to himself, Enigma is the spirit of a human puzzle-master and locksmith who lived in ancient times. Because of his skill in designing complex mechanisms, he was employed by many to create all sorts of complicated locks, secret hideaways and puzzle boxes, with the aim of helping people to keep valuables safe and away from prying hands. His skill at this task made him a very trusted individual in his lifetime, but it also led to him having many enemies from the less honest members of society. After several failed attempts to get him to give up his secrets and numerous threats on his life, a rumour was spread that his skills came from him being “in league with the devil”. A very serious allegation, with extreme consequences, for which it was hard to defend against. Enigma was sentenced to death; and after his passing, his soul became tethered to an odd keystone, where he remained trapped for centuries. That was until, one day, Jinji came across the stone while out haunting Pokémon for fun in Eterna Forest, and sent it to his mansion for further research. The Ghostly magic of Jinji’s mansion awakened the slumbering spirit, now reborn as a Spiritomb.

Enigma loves building machines, creating new puzzles, and generally being a trickster whenever possible, relishing any new challenge just as much as he enjoys challenging others. Enigma will often try out his new challenges on Jinji, sometimes with slimy or explosive results – but it’s all in the name of fun; and Jinji equally enjoys the test of wits, knowing win or lose, there’s always something new to enjoy.

Unlike most Spiritomb, Enigma is not made up of multiple spirits; but is instead a single entity, if a rather mysterious one. The orbs in his ghostly visage are a representation of his personality; and take the forms of block and blob-like shapes, in various configurations, reminiscent of Puyo Puyo playing pieces (Puyos and garbage blocks).

This profile is a work-in-progress. Check back soon for further updates; or refer to The Unexpected Enigma for further character details.

First Appearance

The Unexpected Enigma