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Detailed descriptions of characters in Jinji’s universe

Character Profile: Enigma

According to himself, Enigma is the spirit of a human puzzle-master and locksmith who lived in ancient times. Because of his skill in designing complex mechanisms, he was employed by many to create all sorts of complicated locks, secret hideaways and puzzle boxes, with the aim of helping people to keep valuables safe and away […]

Character Profile: Alessandro

A young Rotom with an energetic, carefree attitude and endless natural curiosity. Alessandro provides the mansion with a source of electricity for the precious few electronics that exist through the mansion. He tries to be a good soul and help out the other Ghosts as much as he can. However, his excitability frequently gets the […]

Character Profile: Gaspar

The soul of a middle-aged human originally named Jasper, who once explored mountains before being killed in an avalanche. Now resurrected as a Gastly, Gaspar is one of the youngest Ghosts currently in the care of Jinji; and is still getting to grips with his new form. As a result, he is full of curiosity […]

Character Profile: Jinji

Basic Details Many people assume that Ghosts are spirits of the deceased; that there is not a Ghost without there first being a living being. Some extend this belief to Pokémon, believing that Ghost Pokémon are born when living Pokémon die. While this is sometimes true, it is not always the case – some Ghost […]