Character Profile: Phantisserie

A portrait of Phantisserie holding a cloche and her signature wooden spoon, by Kumada Panda. Appearance final.

Basic Details

A female Haunter who, in her former life, was an artisan baker from France. Passionate and talented in her craft, she was often overlooked and put down by rival – particularly male – bakers; and encountered many obstacles in her quest to make a mark as a professional – thankfully, she was a very determined individual, and wasn’t going to let anyone get her down! After dying in mysterious circumstances, her soul was resurrected as a Haunter; and she eventually found a home with Jinji as the head baker of his mansion.

Phantisserie’s passion for baking and creating culinary art has continued into her new form; and as a Ghost Pokémon, she now combines her raw talent with Ghostly magic, harnessing the two in order to make truly out of this world creations. Her right hand (camera left) constantly glows from the magic she possesses, flowing into whatever utensil, oven, or container she happens to be holding, imbuing it with her mystical power. Indeed, Jinji and the other Ghosts are regularly shocked and awed by her amazing ability to make baked creations resembling absolutely anything imaginable, with a high degree of realism! Phantisserie’s desserts are also typically very sweet, providing lots of sugary energy for all the Ghosts and ensuring they aren’t going hunting for dreams to eat too often… Naturally, Jinji is very encouraging of Phantisserie; and constantly pushes her to keep doing what she loves, eager to see what astounding treat she comes up with next. She rarely ever takes off her chef’s hat or puts down her trusty wooden spoon, both of which bear her signature: an elegant, cursive rendering of her moniker.

Beliefs and Superstitions

Similarly to Jinji, Phantisserie takes a dim view of superstition and rumour; however, she is not against referencing it in her culinary arts. If, for example, Phantisserie is asked to make a “spooky” cake, it’s not unknown for her to use various symbols in the bake that are commonly associated with bad luck or scary situations. Phantisserie generally will make any cake wished of her or that she herself can conceptualize; but will never create anything inappropriate or overly grotesque – she considers it an insult to her abilities and a sign of an inferior mind to have proposed it to her. Some suggest this may be because of her history of being looked down upon by men that she now aims to maintain a higher standard; others wonder if maybe she’s simply worried about disappointing Jinji because of his own family-friendly nature and attitude. Whatever the case may be, you can be sure that while Phantisserie’s bakes may be exciting, otherworldly and perhaps sometimes even indulging in messy or explosive results, they’re always generally fun and never intentionally offensive to anyone ^^

First Appearance

The Afterlife of the Party