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The 2024 Birthday Update

Another year has passed, and another Portal Day Celebration has taken place. As per usual, Jinji has received a number of gifts for his special anniversary, two of which are now live here on the Jinji the Gengar website! Feel free to visit the Miscellaneous Art page, where you’ll find a brand new Birthday Artwork from my close friend Kitty the Gengar Queen; then go to the Comics page to find my latest Birthday Comic, “A Series of Sticky Surprises”. This is the result of the experiment I mentioned previously by myself, Kitty and Panda to write separate halves of the same comic blindly from each other — and the result is sure to surprise and delight!

Upcoming Downtime (Update: Completed!)

My server host has informed me of an upcoming move to a new datacentre, commencing 28th September. During this time, the server will be taken offline for a few hours to allow it to be safely moved. This may result in some short downtime for the Jinji the Gengar site and several other websites. So please don’t be shocked if it disappears for a few hours around the 28th September, but don’t worry – it’ll be back very soon!

Site update: You know our names, now see our faces!

This is an update I meant to do some weeks ago, but I became unexpectedly busy and then forgot 😊 The Character Profiles section has been updated and now features artwork of all the main cast members of the Jinji family! Thanks to my good friend Kumada Panda, you can now visit the profiles of Alessandro, Gaspar, Phantisserie and Enigma and be treated to a brand-new portrait of each. Some of these are not yet finalized, as there are some characters whose final design I have yet to determine […]

Site Update: Let’s Meet the other Friends of Jinji!

With the many adventures Jinji and his fellow Ghosts have had over the years, there are many characters outside of Jinji’s own home who have ended up featuring as part of his many tales and antics. After much consideration, I’ve decided to give these recurring characters due credit and attention here on the Jinji the Gengar website, through a new page I’m calling “Recurring Guests“.

I challenged Ironicatty to draw Jinji in a Ninja Style…

So a good friend of mine from DeviantArt, Ironicatty, told me recently how she’s noticed that everything she draws for herself tends to skew towards a goth or punk style; and she’d like to draw something with a totally different vibe. Well, I’m always one for giving people new ideas; and if you’ve ever read the Origin of Jinji’s Name, you’ll know that one of his original inspirations was the Ninja. So I thought, why not ask her to draw Jinji in the style of a Ninja?

Site Update: Navigation reorganisation and diversification of canons

The Jinji the Gengar website has, as of 17th February 2022, seen a reorganisation of its overall navigation and a rearrangement of some of the stories and comics throughout the site, in order to split the Jinji universe into three distinct canons reflecting the three different directions Jinji and his cast are currently portrayed. All […]

It’s That Time Again!

Portal Day has come once again, and Jinji and his friends have been getting into the spirit (pun intended 😛) of merriment, celebrating Jinji’s special, once-in-a-year moment in their own special ways. With it comes two brand new Birthday-themed works!

For those looking for a true Birthday blast, check out the Side Stories where you’ll find a brand new comic, “The Sugar Rush!“. Another comic collaboration designed by Kumada Panda based on ideas from Jinji, this hilarious new comic sees Jinji challenged by Phantisserie to collect candy for his Birthday – with an explosive twist!

Or maybe you prefer to see Jinji getting gooey instead? We got you covered. One year to the day of the Ghostly Celebration, Kitty the Gengar Queen has returned the favour with her own hand-drawn artwork. Jinji is presented with a cake by Kitty, only to be caught unawares as Gargantua and the kids start pouring a huge quantity of slime right above them!

Jinji gives thanks […]

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