Trying out a little experiment…

I’ve made a decision for 2024 to try to switch up my writing a little and expand the Jinji universe with works of a different nature to before, including some more serious storylines. Possibly even making a start on my planned main canon, Equilibrium. As part of this, I’ve decided to try out a little writing experiment. This may be a spoiler:

As some of you well know, January 23rd is “Portal Day”. A special celebration between Jinji and his fellow Ghosts, that celebrates the date of his first crossing between the Spirit and Mortal Realms (and which just happens to fall on my RL Birthday). Now, in the past, I’ve typically celebrated this day by writing my own silly story which I send to @xxlPanda to turn into a light-hearted Birthday comic; while other people draw their own random gifts and artwork of their own.

This year, though, I’ve decided to do something different. My comic this year is actually going to be a two-part story, but I’m only writing the first part. The second part is going to be written by my friends @KittyTheGengarQueen and @xxlPanda, the latter of which will combine both parts into a cohesive story which she’ll skilfully turn into a comic strip. The catch? Neither I nor Kitty will know the other’s part in advance. That’s right, we’re blind-collaborating on separate parts of the same story!

Will it work? Will we come up with an extremely fun and inventive new level of Birthday silliness, or will it go completely pear-shaped? I can’t wait to find out with you all! Until then, have a happy and healthy New Year!