Site Update: Bringing back some old content

Owing to a recent discovery of an archive of some older works of mine, and a review of content from my DeviantArt page, I’m pleased to announce the addition to the Jinji the Gengar website of three classic works.

First off, we have one of my first ever Jinji stories, “The Storm From Nowhere“. This particular story, while slightly older and not as well-written as some of my more recent works, still makes for a rather atmospheric tale, depicting how Jinji might use Gengar powers and attacks to simulate a spooky thunderstorm around his haunted mansion. This story can be found in the “Main Canon“, as it was originally written to serve as an introduction to both Jinji and his mansion; and while it is somewhat outdated now (having been originally written in 2016), the material facts presented within have not changed.

Next is one of my old favourites, which those of you who follow me on Patreon might recognize: “A Tale of Joyful Spirits“. This story, originally released as a Halloween tale also in 2016, and re-edited by myself this month to fix a number of grammatical errors and a typo in the original work, describes several games and activities Jinji and the many other Ghosts of his mansion often play with one another, and one of the first attempts by the Ghosts to prank Jinji. This story can be found under “Jokes and Japes“.

Along with the two new written works, the Art section has also seen a small update with the addition of several rediscovered signatures to the Signature Gallery; plus an all-new work by Charlotte~, “Trapped in the Trash!”. (Forgive my use of an Americanism, being British, but I just felt the alliteration worked better ^^)

Speaking of new works, I’m working on a couple of new stories with the aim to publish over the next few months, so watch this space!