Site Update: Navigation reorganisation and diversification of canons

The Jinji the Gengar website has, as of 17th February 2022, seen a reorganisation of its overall navigation and a rearrangement of some of the stories and comics throughout the site, in order to split the Jinji universe into three distinct canons reflecting the three different directions Jinji and his cast are currently portrayed.

All of the existing comics and stories with fun, funny or pranksterish undertones are now collected together under a single roof, collectively known as “The Jokes and Japes of Fun-Loving Phantoms“. While the content in this section is mostly the same as the former “Side Stories” category, it’s my belief re-categorising the stories under this new banner gives a more descriptive explanation as to what the theme of these stories are.

However, over the next few months, it is my intention to work on releasing brand new stories with a more serious, perhaps even darker undertone, where the cast of Jinji’s universe will find themselves engaged in battle or having to find solutions to serious problems that may affect not just their realm, but others as well. The “Main Canon” label will now focus solely on these stories, as well as planning documents for the hopeful saga, which is currently untitled.

Joining these will be a new third category, “The Alternate Universe“. This will consist of comics and stories I consider to take place in a different reality to the other two Jinji canons. This might be because the setting or characters come from other franchises; because of Guest appearances or story elements that don’t really fit in the Jinji universe; or just because I see it as a one-off story that I wouldn’t want impacting future Jinji tales. In future, this might also include “what-if?” storylines, taking an existing on-canon story and exploring what might have happened if events had transpired differently.

With these changes comes a small tidy-up of the left-side navigation menu. All of the previous links for Stories have now been grouped together under a new heading, “Stories and Comics”, reflecting the fact many recent publications have taken the form of comic strips rather than text-based stories; with the various categories as separate links underneath, for better organisation. Additionally, there is now a link to view the history of “Site Update” postings on the site. Some link positions have also been rejigged to allow the main content to take primary focus.