Site update: You know our names, now see our faces!

This is an update I meant to do some weeks ago, but I became unexpectedly busy and then forgot 😊 The Character Profiles section has been updated and now features artwork of all the main cast members of the Jinji family! Thanks to my good friend Kumada Panda, you can now visit the profiles of Alessandro, Gaspar, Phantisserie and Enigma and be treated to a brand-new portrait of each. Some of these are not yet finalized, as there are some characters whose final design I have yet to determine; however, Phantisserie’s design is fully complete, and Enigma now has a unique design to his orbs. Each of the profiles themselves have also seen a few small tweaks, with some grammatical fixes, and a few new additional details for some characters. So do feel free to check them out and learn even more about your favourite gang of Ghost Pokémon!