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Comic Description & Plot Outline

Created for Jinji’s 2024 Birthday, this comic was also a writing experiment between Jinji and Kitty the Gengar Queen, with each writing half of the comic without seeing the other’s half. The resulting comic was then sent to Kumada Panda to be drawn and inked, so neither of us knew the contents of the other’s half until just before publication.

Jinji the Gengar is convinced by Enigma to lock himself away for 24 hours inside a coffin, while the rest of the Ghosts — as well as Kitty and Kumada Panda’s Ghost — prepare a special Birthday surprise for him. Of course, Jinji being Jinji, he has a surprise for them too! Neither party is expecting what happens next!

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…to other comics:

  • This is the second use of Enigma’s lock spell, which was first demonstrated in The Unexpected Enigma, his debut comic.
  • The basement is a slimy cave, which is very similar to the one the Ghosts (including Kitty and Ghost) created for Jinji in 2023, and is even “enchanted” with a spell that causes slime to never stop flowing. Unlike that cave, however, the enchantment is not described as a “curse” and is not restricted to just Jinji’s fake nose, with Jinji implying that the whole cave is affected. As the 2023 comic was set in an alternate universe and featured a guest character from another franchise, it’s possible the cave in this comic is the actual original and was pre-existing, and the one created in 2023 was an outside replica.

…to real life:

  • In real life, Jinji’s creator is not a fan of Furby, believing them to be one of the most annoying toys in existence. Kitty and Jinji have a private in-joke where Kitty will send Jinji pictures of Furby to annoy him or get one back if Jinji is being annoying to her. This in-joke is likely the reason for Kitty choosing to use a Furby as her “gift” for Jinji in this comic — something I definitely did not expect!

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