The Unexpected Enigma

Roughly 2.5 years since the first entry in Jinji’s official storyline, A Concise Overview of Jinji’s Mansion, comes the next entry (and the first comic strip!) of Jinji’s as-yet-untitled Main Canon. While out in Eterna Forest for another night of hauntings and fun, Jinji discovers an odd stone radiating a strange power. Little does he know, he’s about to find himself challenged by one very tricky spirit…

This comic comprises a total of 20 pages, which will appear below three at a time. A text transcription of each page is available in its Alt Text, which can usually be viewed by hovering over the image, and will also appear in the event a page fails to load. Each image is also captioned with a description of the page’s plot, which may also include a transcription.

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The Unexpected Enigma
Page 1 of "The Unexpected Enigma".

Transcribed text:
Another day in Eterna Forest...
(Jinji pops out from behind a bush and scares a bunch of basic Pokémon, then laughs at their fright)
"This forest is absolutely huge! There are so many good vantage points to pop out for a scare!"
Page 2 of "The Unexpected Enigma". Jinji comes across an odd stone in the forest, which seems to be radiating energy. Jinji decides he wants to investigate it, but doesn't want to call a halt to his fun just yet - so he opens a portal to his mansion and throws it through, before returning to his scary fun.
Page 3 of "The Unexpected Enigma".
The odd keystone lands with a thud on the floor of Jinji's room. Suddenly, a Spiritomb pops out.
Transcribed text:
"What is this place? There's so much ghostly energy! I feel so energised!"
"That naive little ghost, throwing me aside in pursuit of fun! Well, I think it's time I had some fun as well!"
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