The Unexpected Enigma

Roughly 2.5 years since the first entry in Jinji’s official storyline, A Concise Overview of Jinji’s Mansion, comes the next entry (and the first comic strip!) of Jinji’s as-yet-untitled Main Canon. While out in Eterna Forest for another night of hauntings and fun, Jinji discovers an odd stone radiating a strange power. Little does he know, he’s about to find himself challenged by one very tricky spirit…

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The Unexpected Enigma
Penultimate page of "The Unexpected Enigma". A brief summary of this page can be found in its Alt text.
Full text transcript:
Jinji: "Everyone, I'd like to introduce to you... Enigma, the trickster Spiritomb!"
Enigma: "Greetings!"
(Alessandro the Rotom stares open-mouthed. Phantisserie the Haunter has one hand to her mouth, as if gasping in astonishment. Gaspar the Gastly looks at Enigma with a slight glare)
Gaspar: "Hmmm... very suspicious..."

Enigma: "Jinji didn't know this until an hour ago, but the stone he took from the forest to study was actually mine. I've been trapped inside it for hundreds of years, and until now, no-one has ever paid me any attention. Suddenly, I get thrust here into this spooky mansion; and magical power starts flowing through my stone. I was finally able to get out!"
Enigma: "In an older life, I was an expert puzzlemaster, who would often be called upon by people to help design devices to help keep valuables safe. Unfortunately, I got accused of being in league with dark forces because of my tricky contraptions. I was sentenced to death; and afterwards, my spirit was entombed inside the keystone."
Enigma: "Your mansion has so much energy! I was able to escape the stone; and I wanted to see what I could do with my new freedom. Your master seems to be a similar puzzle-lover to me, so trying to build something to challenge him seemed like a fun idea."

Jinji: "I think we should get to know more about you, Enigma. I don't know whether or not I believe your story, but I always look out for a fellow Ghost as long as they don't mean any harm. I'd like to invite you to stay a while in our mansion and join us on our next haunting, so we can get to see more of your powers and personality."
Enigma: "I would be honoured!"
Final page of "The Unexpected Enigma".
And so, Enigma the Spiritomb became a fixture of Jinji's mansion. After many months, many more tricks and games, and a few good laughs with the other Ghosts, Enigma proved himself a trustworthy and fun spirit to have around; and would eventually be invited to the Jinji family as a permanent member.
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