The Unexpected Enigma

Roughly 2.5 years since the first entry in Jinji’s official storyline, A Concise Overview of Jinji’s Mansion, comes the next entry (and the first comic strip!) of Jinji’s as-yet-untitled Main Canon. While out in Eterna Forest for another night of hauntings and fun, Jinji discovers an odd stone radiating a strange power. Little does he know, he’s about to find himself challenged by one very tricky spirit…

This comic comprises a total of 20 pages, which will appear below three at a time. A text transcription of each page is available in its Alt Text, which can usually be viewed by hovering over the image, and will also appear in the event a page fails to load. Each image is also captioned with a description of the page’s plot, which may also include a transcription.

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The Unexpected Enigma
Page 4 of "The Unexpected Enigma".
(Jinji returns home after his night of fun.)
"Gahaha! Another successful night of hauntings! Now, what should I get up to next?"
"Oh yes! I almost forgot! I should take a look into that stone!"
(Jinji enters his room, but there is nothing to be found on the floor.)
"What?!? It's not here! But I sent it directly to my room!"
(Jinji visits the other Ghosts around the mansion and asks each of them if they've been in his room and moved anything, which they all deny. None of them appear to have any knowledge of the stone Jinji sent over.)
Page 5 of "The Unexpected Enigma".
(Jinji wanders through the hallways of his mansion, looking down in confusion.)
"This makes no sense... I've searched almost everywhere! How can it just disappear?"
(Jinji enters another room of the mansion, and is suddenly greeted by a mysterious voice)
"Well well... I wondered when you'd finally get here...!"
"Geh?! Who goes there?!?"
(Jinji finds himself face-to-face with a giant, regular dodecahedron-shaped machine. Various panels and puzzles adorn each side.)
"What is this machine!?"
Mysterious voice: "For years, I have been imprisoned in that keystone... my powers constrained. But soon, I shall finally be free!"
Jinji: "Gah! So the stone contained a spirit?!"
Page 6 of "The Unexpected Enigma". All dialogue on this page belongs to the mysterious voice.
(Magical chains appear to cover the walls of the room)
"Let's make sure no-one else interferes... LOCK SPELL!"
(A clock appears above the machine. The design of the clock is similar to a Spiritomb without its eyes and mouth. A jagged green hand points to 12 o'clock)
"Soon, my machine will detonate with enough power to destroy the stone and release me from my eternal binding."
"Then, I will be released, free to wreak chaos once again!"
"And it's all thanks to you. The strong ghostly energies of this mansion provided me with all the power I needed!"
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