The Unexpected Enigma

Roughly 2.5 years since the first entry in Jinji’s official storyline, A Concise Overview of Jinji’s Mansion, comes the next entry (and the first comic strip!) of Jinji’s as-yet-untitled Main Canon. While out in Eterna Forest for another night of hauntings and fun, Jinji discovers an odd stone radiating a strange power. Little does he know, he’s about to find himself challenged by one very tricky spirit…

This comic comprises a total of 20 pages, which will appear below three at a time. A text transcription of each page is available in its Alt Text, which can usually be viewed by hovering over the image, and will also appear in the event a page fails to load. Each image is also captioned with a description of the page’s plot, which may also include a transcription.

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The Unexpected Enigma
Page 7 of "The Unexpected Enigma".
Mysterious voice:
"…Unless, of course, you wish to cement your foolishness. My machine is made up of several layers, upon each of which are many puzzles. My stone lies hidden in the very heart, but I guarantee you won't reach it in time!"
(Jinji stands in a defiant pose)
"I will not let my realm be overcome by evil! I accept your challenge!"
(Jinji stares at the Spiritomb-like timer)
"…What is this thing anyway? A clock?"
(Suddenly, the Spiritomb pops out directly in front of Jinji, catching him by surprise)
Page 8 of "The Unexpected Enigma".

(Jinji stands in front of the machine)
"So it seems I just have to undo a series of locks to defuse this device... too easy!"
(The Spiritomb reappears directly in front of Jinji. Its ghostly visage obscures Jinji's view of a keypad on this side of the machine)
"Such a naïve Gengar, underestimating my puzzles!"
"Gah! Are you going to keep getting in my face ALL the time?!"
After a while…
"That was annoying, but at least I got the code. Now to cut these wires…"
(A panel clanks open, and a large quantity of keys fall out. Jinji picks up one of the keys and looks at it thoughtfully)
"Hmmmm, there are many more keys than locks on this box. I guess I need to figure out which of these are decoys..."
(Various clicking noises are heard as Jinji tries various keys)
Page 9 of "The Unexpected Enigma". Jinji wipes sweat off his forehead as he smiles to himself, thinking he has succeeded in beating the strange machine. The machine then opens up... to reveal a second, cube-shaped machine inside with further puzzles! Jinji reacts angrily as he realizes he isn't finished after all!
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