Jinji’s Fossilween Tale

In 2016, the fan-made MMO Pokémon World Online hosted its most famous Halloween event, Fossilween, where players were taken through time in a Pokémon-themed take of the history of Earth, solving problems along the way in a bid to stop a mysterious Pokémon destabilising the passage of time itself. Interestingly, Jinji the Gengar made a cameo appearance in this event, as both a merchant NPC and a hint. More interesting, however, is the story he regaled to those who visited him.

Below, I have attached the full story text of the NPC dialogue, which was actually written by Jinji himself; and forms part of Jinji’s main story arc. Italics represent choices made by the player. Note that the remainder of the script, including the items he sold during the event, have been stripped, as they are not relevant to the story.

You dare to come into the shadows and speak to a Gengar this close to Halloween? Kekeh, you ARE a brave mortal indeed!

Well met, Time Explorer! Once again, in this most spookiest month, the veil between our two realms is at its thinnest.

Watch that you do not fall victim to the sheer volume of Ghosts now floating around this world!

I don’t see that many Ghosts here…

No… the Time Temple is not normally a place for us Spirits. To tell the truth, I wasn’t really supposed to be seen here.

Since you have seen me though, I suppose we should exchange pleasantries. My name is Jinji, what’s yours?

…(Player), I see. Well (Player), I want you to know that it not just the Psychic Pokémon who are worried about the odd occurrences happening of late to your timeline.

You may not know this, but the Spirit Realm, where us Ghosts come from, is closely linked to the mortal realm, which you living exist in.

Our realms rotate around each other like a hula hoop around a gymnast. Every October, our realms touch; and for a time, we Ghosts become able…

…to pass between the realms and communicate with you all. The realms do not stay touching, though, and after many weeks, we split apart, and what is left behind remains until next year.

However, while our realms touch, a dark energy leaks from our realm to yours. It brings out the evil in people; and darkens where light is weak.

Normally, this energy is not around long enough to be a danger. But I fear that whatever is trying to alter your timeline wants this to change.

If I am right, both our realms are in danger. And that I can’t stand for. So I came here to check things out as well.

I see

Gehehe… sorry, I didn’t mean to be all serious and dark on you! All you need to know is, I’m here to reward you for your help in maintaining the balance of time.

I’m a fun-loving Gengar, I hate long serious talk!