The Oozy Occasion!

The Oozy Occasion! Side B

Three additional bonus pages of “The Oozy Occasion”, showing off an additional surprise that takes place some time after the original celebration. If the cave wasn’t already gooey enough, one particular individual decides to take it even further…

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The Oozy Occasion! Part 2 - Page 1
Long after the party has ended, Meuka - who, despite being an assistant to the whole surprise, had not actually been invited to Jinji's party - sneaks into the cave himself, having somehow found a way to enter Jinji's mansion undetected. After confirming the coast was clear, Meuka explores the cave and admires the results of his advice, deciding that the Ghosts have created something worthy of even him. Meuka then starts casting a strange spell, in order to give Jinji an extra surprise of his own!
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