Baited and Boomed!

Responding to a call for help in the middle of a dense forest, Jinji discovers a poor Espurr tied up and surrounded by explosives! The Espurr tells Jinji she had been kidnapped as he examines the scene… but all is not as it seems!

Unbeknownst to Jinji, the Espurr had staged the whole scene as a prank! As Jinji picks up one of the bombs, Espurr uses her magic to protect herself with a barrier spell, before setting off all the bombs! Jinji is caught in a massive explosion, and is not too happy to discover he’s been tricked! Luckily, being a Gengar, he is unharmed; but Espurr should know better than to take advantage of Jinji’s caring nature…

I came up with this story as a sort of joke idea between myself and Charlotte (nowadays known as Witchy), taking into account her pranksterish tendencies. The idea as I originally described it was for her Espurr to lure Jinji into a trap by pretending to have been caught in one herself, with a faked kidnapping and explosives being some of my suggestions. Despite this, it is not entirely true to say I “came up” with this story – the actual strip was entirely Charlotte’s idea, which she created as a surprise for me. I should also make clear that despite similar ideas, this story has no relation to The Revenge of Witch Espurr; and it is not necessarily implied the two events are part of the same canon or timeline.