Ghostly Celebration

A collaboration between Jinji and xxlPanda, also starring their newest mutual friend KittyTheGengarQueen, to celebrate Jinji’s real-life Birthday. Jinji has set up his mansion for an epic Birthday Party, and invites his two Gengar friends to take part. Little do they know what he has in store…

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Ghost and Kitty turn up outside Jinji's mansion, and are greeted by the other residents of the mansion. Phantisserie the Haunter has dressed up for the occasion, and is excited about getting time out of the kitchen and looking forward to a fun time with guests. Meanwhile Gaspar the Gastly is excited to see two new Gengar (see the next page for an explanation!)
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Interestingly, one year later, Kitty would return the favour by surprising Jinji with a slime fall of her own!