Hatching Hazards!

A combined April Fools/Easter comic for 2021, conceptualised by Jinji himself, and drawn and edited by xxlPanda. Featuring a guest appearance from Mallow the Garbodor, a friendly but highly-toxic Garbodor character owned by a long-time friend of Jinji.

It’s April Fool’s Day, and in a quaint little Pokémon village, rumours begin to spread about a giant Pokémon egg supposedly hidden in the forest. While some doubt the legitimacy of the story, the rumours soon become talk of the town. Suddenly, Jinji appears in the town with the giant egg in tow. Everyone gathers around to take a look at the unusually large egg. But is there more going on than meets the eye?

Click the arrow buttons to flip between the six pages of the comic. Underneath each page, you can also read the original dialogue I wrote for each page, which was edited and simplified by xxlPanda to create the final comic text 🙂

Suddenly, a shout attracts everyone's attention!

"Everybody, come quick!"

"I found this giant egg in the forest and it's shaking rapidly! I think it's about to hatch!"

Soon enough, every Pokémon in the village is gathered around in a large crowd, eager to see what is about to be revealed!
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