“Jinji is the Bestest Friend” by KittyTheGengarQueen

A drawing by KittyTheGengarQueen. Jinji has emerged from wearing a grim reaper outfit, and Kitty is giving him a big hug and telling him how he's her best friend, making Jinji laugh with embarrassed glee.

Click the picture for an enlarged view; or view the original artwork here: https://www.deviantart.com/kittythegengarqueen/art/Jinji-is-the-Bestest-Friend-910935012

(Description taken from KittyTheGengarQueen’s DeviantArt page:)

Rawburt, He’s healthy! xxlPanda, Also very healthy! Jinji, in my opinion THE HEALTHIEST OF THEM ALL. (There are some other healthy and unhealthy people too. I just wanted to throw out examples)

JinjiTheGengar is in my opinion the healthiest user on DA and a very kind friend. When I got mad at him(which I regret with all my heart), he forgave me. Even when I get jealous, he’s still willing to forgive. When I’m sad, he’s there. When I’m sick, he’s there. Even though I get upset when he’s at work(which will never be addressed ever again because it’s a similar situation with mom lol), who gives a tinker! When it’s that *fun* time, he always wants to get me ice cream(but he can’t which is very sad). There are some times when I wanna give him the squeeze hugs(but I STILL can’t!!), because he’s very kind, very healthy to interact with, and I adore him like a brother for that. ^^
Btw, this picture is a sequel to the Sucker for the Grim Reaper. Thanks Jinji! 😜 https://www.deviantart.com/comments/1/910802769/4975881500

And I also can’t sing Queen’s ‘Best Friend’ without a happiness giggle.