Recently, I discovered I had favourite’d a number of artworks from a DeviantArtist called “Ironicatty“, without knowing that they had the same artist in common. When I discovered this, I decided to take a look at their profile more closely. Imagine my surprise when I discovered Ironicatty was actually good friends with one of my own best friends, KittyTheGengarQueen! Well, Jinji has a mantra that any friend of his friends is his friend too; so I quickly got in touch with Ironicatty – which is when I got the ultimate surprise, that Ironicatty was aware of me, had noticed how friendly I am and how I’d taken a liking to several of their artworks, and had actually wanted to become my friend but was too shy to ask! Long story short, I ended the day with a new mutual friend; and received this new fan-art the very next day 🙂

View and comment on the original artwork at DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/ironicatty/art/JINJIIII-YEAHHHHH-913956425