Jinji’s Goo-lish Trick!

Another collaboration storyboarded by Jinji and drawn by Kumada Panda/xxlPanda (DeviantArt, Patreon, Pixiv).

Jinji asks his fellow Ghosts for privacy as he sets about on another study session; but when he doesn’t emerge from his room over 24 hours later, the Ghosts become concerned and decide to check up on him. Little do they know they are about to become key players in Jinji’s slimiest prank yet!

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Jinji's Goo-lish Trick! Epilogue
Jinji explains the truth behind the machine as he laughs at his successful prank. Realising the Ghosts are likely to be upset, not just at being pranked but also at the large clean-up job Jinji has left them, Jinji tries to cheer them up by telling them he won't ask them to help him clean. Gaspar and Alessandro immediately cheer at the news, but Phantisserie remains suspicious... and so she should be, because this won't be the last time Jinji tries to play a trick like this 😉
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Note: All images shown in this gallery have been manually cropped by Jinji to remove extraneous whitespace. This means the image sizes and resolutions may slightly differ from copies seen on DeviantArt and Kumada Panda’s galleries; although the actual content remains the same.