The Revenge of Witch Espurr

Jinji immediately realises something in his room has changed from how he first left it; and it takes him just a split second to notice… that his bed has been messed up. Being someone who always likes to leave his room in an immaculate state (when not playing pranks, anyway…), Jinji knows that somebody has to have entered his room and messed up the bed deliberately, and originally begins to suspect his fellow Ghosts.

Jinji quickly remakes the bed, and then turns to begin making plans for another night of haunting; when his way is suddenly blocked by a mysterious force! Blocked by a force field, Jinji’s attention is brought to focus as he finally notices the strange device now set up in the middle of his room. Jinji proceeds to float around the strange machine, looking at its various components. The machinery, electronics, a timer… Jinji quickly realises that the machine must be an elaborate time-bomb!

Realising the bomb is protected by a crystallised barrier, Jinji suspects the barrier exists to protect the bomb from tampering; and that destroying the barrier will likely destroy the bomb as well. Luckily, as a Ghost who has researched many different types of magic over the millenia, Jinji knows that crystallised barriers aren’t very sensitive; and can be penetrated by slow, careful movements. Jinji inserts his hand into the barrier as slowly as possible; then, once inside, proceeds to use Shadow Claw to disrupt the barrier from the inside, before jumping to safety.

As expected, the sudden disruption causes the barrier to shatter; and Jinji watches eagerly as the forcefield disintegrates. Expecting the bomb to fall apart as well, Jinji is caught by surprise when the machine remains intact. His first reaction is one of awe, but this quickly turns into concern as he realises the danger that presents itself to him.

As the last of the barrier disappears, Jinji watches with horror as a series of magical stones within the machinery begin to glow. A strange energy connects the crystals together as particulate matter absorbs itself into the bomb through some unusual force. While this is going on, Espurr emerges from a portal and watches the proceedings through a window. Espurr smiles to himself, knowing that Jinji has done just as she expected; and that her plan is just about to be set into motion…

Jinji senses the same presence he felt earlier when he first entered his room; and realises that somebody must be here after all. Knowing that whatever it is must have the ability to hide itself, Jinji pretends to continue exploring around the bomb while secretly preparing to teleport himself, hoping to catch the presence unawares. The ruse fails to fool Espurr, however; and as she realises Jinji is preparing to teleport, she quickly escapes through the portal she has made and hides herself once again.

The portal closes just in time; and Jinji stands at the window confused. He knows something was definitely just here, but once again, he can’t see anyone! Unable to figure out what just happened, Jinji turns his attention back to the bomb… just in time to see that the bomb has activated and a one-hour countdown has begun!

Realising the danger he now finds himself in, the normally strong-minded Ghost is briefly consumed by fear; and he begins to rapidly flit between all number of ideas on how to tackle the live explosive now ticking away in the middle of his room. Within seconds however, he regains his senses, and runs up to the bomb to plan out his attempt at defusal. Jinji is impressed with the complexity of the bomb, which he recognises is made up of several stages comprising multiple components; and quickly realises he has a puzzle on his hands. He smiles to himself – Jinji the Gengar loves a challenge!

Jinji realises that the first step is to remove the magical energy flowing around the bomb. Knowing that the crystals must be the key to the magic, the Gengar wonders if a similar technique to the earlier barrier will work here as well, and he begins to insert a ghostly finger into one of the many magical lines flowing around the bomb. All of a sudden, Jinji feels something grab his hand and start to coat it!

The Gengar is paralysed by shock as a strange substance begins to spread around his arm, then quickly begins to coat the rest of his Ghostly body. Jinji finds himself encased in a strange substance. The mysterious goo is heavy and restrictive on Jinji’s body, and he quickly finds himself unable to move. Suddenly Jinji plummets to the ground, the goo somehow managing to pull him down and pin him to the floor with its weight, leaving him immobile. “What is this strange substance?”, Jinji thinks. “It covers me like a slime, but it seems to be made out of a tough, diamond-like material…”

Jinji spends a good amount of time struggling to escape the strange goo, its heavy and solid nature restricting his movement almost completely. Eventually, however, the trap shatters, freeing Jinji. Shouting out in triumph, Jinji turns his attention back to the bomb, and is shocked to see that he has been trapped for almost 20 minutes! With no time to spare, Jinji starts considering a new plan…

Jinji realises that the bomb must be booby-trapped and touching it again will just result in him being coated once again. Suddenly, Jinji gets a thought. “If the crystals are what powers the magic around this bomb, then maybe removing them will remove the magic!” Jinji begins to consider ideas for how to remove the crystals without touching the bomb, and suddenly realises he has the perfect move – Shadow Ball!

The Gengar begins to prepare a ball of shadowy energy in his hands, being very careful to size the ball to the same size as his target so as not to hit anything else on the bomb. Once he is certain the size is just right, Jinji throws the Shadow Ball at one of the many crystals on the bomb, and watches gleefully as the crystal shatters and the magical energy stops flowing to the crystal. “Yes, it worked!”, he shouts. “I just have to shoot out all the crystals and the magic will be no more!”

Jinji proceeds to unleash a barrage of Shadow Balls, expertly dispatching each crystal from the bomb without touching a single other component. As the final crystal disintegrates, the purple glow that previously surrounded the bomb fades as the magical energy dissipates.

“Now for the next stage!”, Jinji thinks to himself. With no more magic to protect the bomb, Jinji is finally able to tackle the various electronic and mechanical elements that make up the explosive itself. Jinji decides to tackle the wiring next; and goes into a closet to bring out his secret weapon – a massive pair of scissors, strong enough to cut through seemingly any metal cable. He grins to himself as he admires his special weapon. “It’s been a long time since I’ve used this, but it still looks good…!”

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Part 1: Jinji’s Scare Tactic
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Chapter 1 – Espurr Visits the Ghostly Realm and Prepares a Surprise
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