The Sugar Rush!

A new comic story designed by Kumada Panda based on ideas by Jinji, to celebrate Jinji’s 2022 Birthday. With the assistance of Ghost, Jinji’s friends and family surprise him with a huge jar of sweets… but he’ll need to be quick if he wants to keep them all as Phantisserie sets him a rather explosive challenge! With a cameo from Kitty the Gengar Queen.

2 - Ghost receives a message from Phantisserie
Second page of "The Sugar Rush!"

Meanwhile, Ghost is at home enjoying some cartoons on TV, when his Rotom Dex calls to him informing him he has received a message from Jinji's Rotom, Alessandro. The message is actually from Phantisserie, detailing her plan for Jinji's surprise. Ghost eagerly reads the message and gets a chuckle from her idea, and immediately starts making calls to gather supplies!

Fun fact: Similar to the previous page, this comic is also the first time we see that Ghost owns a Rotom or that it has at least two forms: Dex and Phone.
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