The Sugar Rush!

A new comic story designed by Kumada Panda based on ideas by Jinji, to celebrate Jinji’s 2022 Birthday. With the assistance of Ghost, Jinji’s friends and family surprise him with a huge jar of sweets… but he’ll need to be quick if he wants to keep them all as Phantisserie sets him a rather explosive challenge! With a cameo from Kitty the Gengar Queen.

1 - Phantisserie gets an idea
First page of "The Sugar Rush". Another year has passed in the chaotic timeline of Jinji's Mansion; and Phantisserie realises that it'll soon be their Gengar master's special day once again. Knowing how much of a sweet tooth Jinji has, Phantisserie has come up with an idea for a surprise; but in order to pull it off, she needs to recruit some help. Luckily, she knows exactly who to call!

Fun fact: This is the first time that Alessandro has been depicted as being able to transform into a Rotom Phone.
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