Jinji Across the Multiverse

For a number of years now, Jinji’s appearance has remained remarkably consistent in all his appearances in artwork and stories produced both by and for Jinji. Jinji is always a Generation 3-style male Gengar, and even appearances in other forms such as Mega Evolution have been few and far between. But what if that wasn’t the case? What would Jinji look like if he lived in a universe where…?

Well, thanks to a request by Jinji, Kitty the Gengar Queen⎋ has provided a few answers to that question. Observe this drawing from her, which portrays various “alternate forms” of Jinji:

From back to front and left to right: Gigantamaxed Jinji; Jinji with the personality of Kitty; Genderswapped Jinji (nicknamed “Genie” by Kitty); Mega Jinji; an “Alternate World” Jinji with a Moon Ball instead of a Dusk Ball pendant; Jinji as Slimer from Ghostbusters; original Jinji; Alpha Jinji from Pokémon Legends: Arceus; and a Gengar-Totodile Hybrid Jinji (because Totodile is my second favourite Pokémon ^^).

You can click the image to view it in its original size. In the event this artwork doesn’t load, or you would like to leave comments for the original artist, you can also view the original at DeviantArt⎋.