Simulated Sneezles – Jinji and Meuka’s Fake Cold Experiment

A sequel to A Snotty Souvenir!, which also serves as a partial rewrite of his older story Mucal Mischief, the concept of Simulated Sneezles actually came about during the development of the former comic – when Jinji got the idea of having Meuka as a companion to help him pull off the experiment successfully. Over several weeks, Jinji would discuss ideas with Kumada Panda and begin constructing a plot for what would later turn out to not just be Jinji’s snottiest prank yet, and the first ever sequel to an “Alternate Universe” comic in Jinji’s history, but also Jinji’s longest comic story to date – a whole twenty pages!

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Simulated Sneezles Page 02
As the self-proclaimed "master of mucus", Jinji realises that Meuka would be the perfect person to ask to help him create a realistic snot analogue. The only problem is, Meuka and Jinji aren't exactly on good terms after Meuka tried to trap Jinji in snot and Jinji responded by sanitising him. Realising the dangerous gamble he's playing, Jinji decides the safest solution is to write Meuka a letter explaining the plan, in hopes he might pique Meuka's curiosity and get him on board.
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Soon after this, Meuka returns to his own realm to terrorise Neopets once again; while Jinji, with the help of his fellow Ghosts and an unfeasibly large quantity of tissues, eventually manage to get the basement completely cleaned up. After removing Meuka’s rubber nose from his face, Jinji returns to his room and secretly hides it in his drawers again, just in case another opportunity arises for a snotty prank in the future… Then again, this is all an alternate universe, so maybe none of this really ever happened in the first place? Kekekeh…

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