Jinji and Meuka in: A Snotty Souvenir!

A crossover spin-off comic created as another collaboration between Jinji and Kumada Panda, which ironically turned into the longest comic strip ever written by the pair – at 15 pages long – despite having originated as one of Jinji’s simplest ideas. Having been a fan of the Neopets villain Meuka for years, Jinji is surprised when he turns up at his mansion one day and is presented with a gift to symbolise their friendship. But is all what it appears?

Jinji and Meuka in: A Snotty Souvenir!
It's another night at Jinji's Mansion, and Jinji is looking out over the grounds while thinking about plans for tonight's hauntings with his ghostly brethren. As he chuckles to himself thinking of all kinds of mischievous deeds, his attention is suddenly stolen by a mysterious voice shouting his name! Who could it be?
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The character of Meuka, as well as its basic appearance and name, are property of Neopets, Inc; all rights reserved. Usage of the character is under the legal permissions provided by the Neopets Terms of Service and global fair use doctrines. Neither Jinji nor Kumada Panda claim any ownership of the character and its appearance in this comic is not intended to imply any connection between Jinji and any Neopets media or storyline; or vice versa. This is a fanfiction, “alternate reality” comic not related to the general storyline of Jinji the Gengar or Meuka.

All artwork was drawn by hand by Kumada Panda and any resemblance to official artwork or renderings of this or any other characters or artwork by Neopets is purely coincidental. The dialogue of the comic was adapted from original writing by Jinji the Gengar. All original content is copyright of Kumada Panda and Jinji.