Springing A Birthday Surprise!

A combination idea by Jinji and the Deviant and Pixiv Artist, xxlPanda, inspired by their previous work.

Master Ghost invites Jinji to an all-night party celebrating the birthday of Jinji’s keeper. Upon seeing the huge Birthday cake waiting for him down the road, Jinji floats ahead, eager to get the first taste. Little does he know somebody else is already there, waiting to give him a surprise…

The first page of xxlPanda's Birthday Comic
The second page of xxlPanda's Birthday Comic
The third page of xxlPanda's Birthday Comic

Jinji was all too excited to lick all the cake off his face at the end, and Phantisserie later made a whole new one to share out to the other Guests. As for Mr.Mime, well… he quickly scarpered, but something tells me this won’t be the last time we see him…