The Oozy Occasion!

Another fun crossover comic storyboarded by Jinji and drawn by Kumada Panda to celebrate Portal Day 2023, also known as Jinji’s author’s real-life 2023 Birthday. Featuring appearances by all of Jinji, Panda and Kitty The Gengar Queen‘s Ghost Pokémon original characters, and a cameo from Meuka as their advisor.

The character of Meuka is ™ and © Neopets, Inc. Usage of the character outside of Neopets constitutes fair use as governed by their Copyright Agreement. No parties involved in the creation of this comic claim any ownership or other legal right(s) over Meuka or any other Neopets trademarks.

The Oozy Occasion! Part 1 - Page 7
Jinji lands with a splat into a huge, slime filled pit and shouts joyfully at the extra surprise. However, his joy is short-lived when he suddenly realizes he's stuck! The Ghosts had built into Jinji's new slime-cave a hidden pit trap, containing a special slime that's not only stickier than the rest of the goo leaking throughout the cave, but is also specially enchanted to stick even to Ghosts! The Ghosts had intended for Jinji to use it as a fun trap for anyone who would intrude in his cave or just for pranks, but weren't expecting Jinji to jump in himself before they could warn him of the danger; and as Ghost laughs joyfully at Jinji's silliness, Phantisserie and Gaspar debate with themselves whether they should enter themselves to try to pull him free, while the other guests all watch on.
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