Mallow’s Barfday Blast!

Chapter 2 – Jinji Prepares for the Party

Several days later, Jinji the Gengar has just finished enjoying some outside fun with his fellow spirits. Returning to the haunted mansion he shares with them all, he spies a mysterious envelope on his doorstep. Curious, he opens it immediately.

Jinji receives a letter in a dirty envelope. He opens the envelope and begins reading the message inside.

Inside, Jinji finds a photograph of Mallow at his dump, smiling and waving to the camera. Jinji smiles, knowing immediately what this means; then flips over the photo to find a message crudely written on the back, between various sludgy stains…

“Jinji, I be hosting a birthday party back home at the North Unova dump, and I be very happy if you be able to come! Please turn up by 12pm September 9.”

Jinji looks at a signed photo of Mallow the Garbodor happily waving to the camera.

Jinji chuckles to himself. “I can’t say no to one of my best friends! I better get a gas mask ready though. They don’t call Mallow ‘The Stinkiest Garbodor’ for nothing – especially if he’s sticking to his tradition! And I better ask Phantisserie to get started on a special cake for me to bring!”

“Did you call, Jinji?” Right on cue, Phantisserie manifests herself in Jinji’s room, holding a giant gift box. “I saw the letter too, and I took the liberty of preparing a very special cake just for the occasion!”

“You always manage to impress, Phantisserie”, Jinji says in awe. “I knew I could count on you!”

Phantisserie has wasted no time baking a cake for Mallow's party, and presents it to Jinji inside a large gift box, for him to deliver.

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Chapter 2 – Jinji Prepares for the PartyPage 3
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Bonus Ending – The Day After The Party
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