Mallow’s Barfday Blast!

Chapter 3 – Ambush!

It’s the day of Mallow’s party, and Jinji has headed off early to ensure he arrives before time. With gas mask firmly applied to his face – to protect against the many toxic odours in Mallow’s contaminated rubbish dump (not to mention Mallow himself) – and with Phantisserie’s cake held within the giant cake box in his hands, Jinji speedily floats through the air.

A gas-masked Jinji floats towards Mallow's party, holding the gigantic cake box.

As Jinji arrives at the entrance to the dump, he finds himself impressed with the effort Mallow has gone to create a party atmosphere in such an awful location. A huge banner spans the entrance proudly promoting Mallow’s party, and balloons decorate every solid surface, while bunting trails from the top of one rubbish heap to another.

Jinji arrives at the entrance to Mallow's Party.

As Jinji walks through the dump’s entrance, he quickly spies a table set up with various paper plates and party decorations. Carefully, he sets down the cake box upon the table, then takes a quick look around.

“Heh, I must be early. Seems like none of the other guests have arrived yet. I wonder who else Mallow might have invited to join him today, and whether anyone else accepted. Hey, where is Mallow anyway?”

Jinji places Phantisserie's cake box onto a table decorated with party plates and decorations

Jinji realizes his Garbodor friend is nowhere to be seen, and starts looking about. After a short while, his attention is drawn to a nearby rubbish heap, where something appears to be moving. “I guess Mallow is still digging through the dust piles”, he chuckles, as he floats up to investigate.

A nearby rubbish heap starts making strange sounds. Confused, Jinji walks over to get a closer look.

Suddenly, and without warning, the rubbish heap starts to fall! Hundreds of pounds of rotting junk collapses on top of Jinji, slamming him to the ground.

Jinji is caught by surprise as the huge pile of rubbish suddenly begins to fall straight on top of him!

The force of being slammed to the ground and buried underneath tons of junk knocks Jinji out cold. As he lies unconscious beneath the huge rubbish pile, Mallow the Garbodor makes an appearance, leaping out from within the heap. The dirty Garbodor had prepared an ambush, and Jinji fell for it!

Jinji the Gengar is buried underneath a huge pile of rubbish that has fallen from a nearby  heap. Mallow the Garbodor leaps out of the heap and taunts Jinji for falling into his trap.

Wasting no time, Mallow grabs hold of the unconscious Jinji and begins to drag him deeper into the dump, into a corner far away from where the party has been set up.

The arm of a Garbodor can be seen reaching and pressing a button on a nondescript metal panel.
A strange machine lies here, and Mallow carefully positions Jinji in front of it, then presses a button.
Mallow grabs hold of the unconscious Jinji, and begins dragging him deeper into the dump.

As the machine begins to spring to life, Mallow begins to sneak away; when a sudden thought makes him pause. Returning to Jinji, he carefully but quickly removes the gas mask from his face. With the mask in hand, Mallow rushes towards a nearby rubbish heap and hides himself as Jinji begins to regain consciousness.

Mallow runs to hide, holding Jinji's gas mask, as Jinji begins to regain consciousness.

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