New characters, new content and site layout revamps!

Introducing two new characters!

With the recent publication of a work-in-progress preview of my next side-story, I feel it’s time to finally introduce two new characters to the Jinji universe – Phantisserie the Haunter, and Alessandro the Rotom. Both now have profiles on my (newly revamped) “Character Profiles” page, bringing the total number of named characters in Jinji’s family to four.

Also as of today, the “Jinji’s Story” section now boasts two pieces of writing, both of which aim to help establish the basic framework of what I hope to become Jinji’s main plot. “Ghostly Grudges” is a philosophical work I originally published in 2017 on PWO’s Forum, DeviantArt and my Patreon, explaining my take on the relationship between Psychic and Ghost-type Pokémon and the reason for their rivalry, which will factor in to future tales. Meanwhile, “Jinji’s Fossilween Tale” is a recreation of dialogue from a previous PWO Event, and serves as a small introduction to some other planned plot elements.

In other story news; and in recognition of NShims’ efforts in turning the latest part of the ongoing “Revenge of Witch Espurr” tale into both a static comic strip and animated signatures, the index page for this story has been given a complete overhaul, and now lists each page in the story in a table with links to view each page either as a written work, the related animated signature, or for Part 3 onwards, the static comic. These same links also appear at the bottom of each page of the story, for quick navigation. While I am sure there are some people who will lament the loss of having the signature and the writing in the same page, sadly bandwidth limitations have required me to split them. This is mainly the result of NShims’ animations being so large that I cannot currently upload them to the site directly; so they currently are linked to at their original locations. This may or may not change in the future.

There has also been a small addition to the Artwork section of the site, as my Avatar gallery now contains an avatar that had somehow been omitted from the old Imgur-based Gallery, and which was a popular design until changes to the PWO Forum forced me to retire it. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’re sure to recognise which one I mean when you see it 😉