The Oozy Occasion!

Another fun crossover comic storyboarded by Jinji and drawn by Kumada Panda to celebrate Portal Day 2023, also known as Jinji’s author’s real-life 2023 Birthday. Featuring appearances by all of Jinji, Panda and Kitty The Gengar Queen‘s Ghost Pokémon original characters, and a cameo from Meuka as their advisor.

The character of Meuka is ™ and © Neopets, Inc. Usage of the character outside of Neopets constitutes fair use as governed by their Copyright Agreement. No parties involved in the creation of this comic claim any ownership or other legal right(s) over Meuka or any other Neopets trademarks.

The Oozy Occasion! Part 1 - Page 2
Proving that Jinji is not the only Ghost able to blur the lines between multiple realities, Ghost's "friend" is none other than Meuka, the villainous snot Meerca from Neopets who Jinji is quite familiar with. Many of the other Ghosts are somewhat less familiar, however, and are somewhat disturbed and disgusted when Meuka reveals how he's made of snot! Meuka then demonstrates the snot-filled cave he calls home back in the Haunted Woods, to show how slime-filled caves are something he's very familiar with; and offers to guide the Ghosts in their own surprise for Jinji.
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Hey! There’s a second part to this comic!